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OCT scan showing macula (1).jpg

OCT Scan

What is Ocular Coherence Tomography?

This practice is committed to the highest standard of eye care and as such we invest in new technology so that we can offer you the most advanced eye examination available.

We would like to give you the opportunity to have an OCT retinal examination. This advanced, scanning digital imaging system scans in 3-D, without the need to dilate the pupils.

The OCT retinal examination is fast. Nothing touches your eye at any time during the process and as no drops are needed you can resume normal activities immediately. It gives us a permanent record of the condition of your retina allowing for future comparison of any changes.

OCT scan images

The OCT is in addition to the normal eye test. We like to capture the images before the start of your eye test so that we can review the images with you during your consultation.

OCT scan showing macula
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