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Man having an eye exam at local opticians


We are proud to have offered quality eye care to our Carlisle community since 1966. While our eye examinations have become more advanced, our dedication to patient care has stayed the same. Our eye examinations include a set of precise and varied tests to assess your vision and eye health. Your optometrist will guide you through each test and explain everything you need to know about taking care of your eyes.

Young woman having an eye-examination

Your eye health

It can be easy to forget your eyes when caring for your health. Yet our vision and eye health are so important to our well-being. At our independent practice, we take the time to care for each of our patients personally and part of that is giving them all the information they need to take care of their eyes.


Whether it’s finding the right prescription for you or regularly screening for eye conditions, we are committed to helping our patients keep their eyes healthy.

Lady wearing spectacles

What to expect in your eye examination?

Eye examinations are one of the best ways to take care of your eyes because they allow us to spot undetected eye conditions and catch any vision loss early before it starts causing serious strain and discomfort.


Our eye examinations take about 40 minutes and include a series of tests to assess your vision and eye health.


There will also be some questions about your general health, medications and family history of eye conditions.


At the end of the examination, your optometrist will have a complete evaluation of your vision and eye health and will be able to offer recommendations on any prescription or care necessary for you.

Young lady having an eye-examination
OCT scan
OCT scanning equipment

Enhanced eye exams with OCT technology

We use the latest technology to ensure that our tests are completely accurate and thorough.


You also have the option of having an Optical Coherence Tomography or OCT scan, which creates a digital image of the back of your eye and help your optometrist to examine key areas that were previously impossible to reach.


OCT scans are a part of comprehensive eye examinations and are particularly recommended for patients at higher risk of eye conditions.

Urgent eyecare
Urgent eyecare

As an independent practice, we are also well-placed to provide urgent eye care for our community.


Our optometrists are trained to deal with many emergencies and can also offer speedy referrals to other services when appropriate. 

If you are experiencing redness, watery eyes, discomfort, blurring, or other sudden or unusual changes in vision,  please telephone to speak to a member of staff.

Man with a bloodshot eye
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