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If glasses don’t suit your look or lifestyle, contact lenses provide a convenient alternative that doesn’t compromise your eyesight.


If you are new to contact lenses or making a change in the type you wear, our team will guide you through the different options to find the ones that work for you.

Lady inserting contact lenses

Contact lens assessments

In a contact lens assessment, an experienced optometrist will carry out a full eye examination to ensure that you are eligible for contact lenses and to determine which type of lens will be best for you.


If you have a high prescription or are managing an eye condition, the optometrist will also be able to discuss your options with you in terms of specialised lenses.

Young man about to insert a contact lens correctly

The different types of contact lenses

There are many different types of contact lenses designed to suit your prescription and lifestyle.


We can source all kinds of lenses including options for continuous wear, daily and monthly disposables, gas permeable lenses to keep the eyes oxygenated as well as specialised and varifocal lenses.


We also offer Ortho K contact lenses, a top myopia control brand that provides comfortable and effective contact lenses for people with myopia.

Young woman about to insert a contact lens in correctly
How to hold a soft contact lens

Aftercare and advice

During the initial appointment, we’ll help you find the right contact lenses for you and show you how to use them.


But what happens after that? With our aftercare service, we’ll have you covered if your prescription changes or if you are having difficulties with your lenses.


Our aftercare appointments are designed to check in with your eye health and vision to ensure you are still getting the most out of your lenses.

Overnight vision correction
Overnight Vision Correction

These contact lenses are worn overnight and correct short sight whilst you are sleeping!

We use a corneal topographer to scan the cornea to create a 3-Dimensional map. Special gas permeable contact lenses are designed to correct the short sight and are worn overnight, and with repeated use they correct the vision. The contact lenses are cleaned in the morning after wearing them overnight. Stored in the case with solutions during the day and they are ready to use when you go to bed!

If you stop wearing the lenses your eyesight reverts back to its previous prescription in about two weeks.

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Visit our children's eyecare page for more information about myopia or contact us for more information about our Ortho-K service.

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