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Carlisle Hearing Care 

If you have experienced problems with your hearing, you will appreciate how difficult it can be in social, work and family situations. There is no need to bear your concerns alone, though – a simple free hearing test with K France Optician could help to find the cause of and solution to your hearing loss.


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Hearing tests in Carlisle

Nestled in the heart of bustling Carlisle, on Spencer Street, we are close to The Lanes shopping centre and near to the Market Hall. If you are coming into town on public transport, you will be pleased to know that the bus station is just around the corner. There is also easy and convenient parking available.

Based in a Victorian building, our well-established practice is supported by our hearing care professional, Rick Birch. Rich suffers from hearing loss himself, and as such he understands the impact it can have on your life, and the lives of those around you. He is passionate about providing the best hearing care possible so that you can live life to the full.

  • Hearing Assessments

  • Wax Removal

  • Hearing Devices

  • Tinnitus Management

  • Live Demonstrations

  • Full After Care Service

  • Repair and Servicing

  • Home Visits

Stay Hearing Well

Ear wax removal in Carlisle

Something as simple as ear wax can cause big problems for your hearing. In fact, a build up of ear wax is often the cause of reduced hearing.


When we carry out our free hearing test, we will be able to tell whether you require our ear wax removal service. This is an easy way to clear your ears, whether or not you require hearing aids, and improve your hearing overall.


Why book your free hearing test?

Hearing loss can have a huge impact on you and your loved ones. When you book in with K France, you are taking the first step to better hearing. Whether you need to discuss tinnitus management or hearing protection, we have the friendly expertise to help. We offer invisible and rechargeable hearing aids, with an up to five-year warranty. We also provide lifetime aftercare and repair and servicing options. Whether you need to get some hearing aid batteries or require a home visit, our well-established practice can help you to reach your hearing potential.


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